Announcement No. 1

Dear Companies in attendance at THL Istanbul 2019 event. We are planning to host the THL Istanbul 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey, with a new, brilliant approach. therefore all information and correspondence is done through the website and the email of the event, The Companies that applying for the event, please send the following information in Official letterhead of the company until 12 pm on Sunday  June12  ,2019(12.06.2019) at

  1. Name of the Booth Responsible (with mobile phone and active email)
  2. Declare the required area of space To attend the event by category


Type of booth required

Booths are categorized into 3 different categories according to the following

  1. Special space (Startup)
  2. Booths with a total area of 6-20 square meters(Company)
  3. Booths with a space between 50-40 square meters (University – Accelerator )