2019 THL International Event Since …………….. 2019 will be held in an area of 1,000 square meters in the city of Istanbul The event will host the various components of the technology and ecosystem from Iran and Turkey It is predicted that more than 1,000 individuals and educated people will visit the event’s eco-system. Several trade delegations from foreign countries will also visit this exhibition There will also be several business and promotional events during the event that Provides access for producers and service providers and owners of technical knowledge to customers and investors. The event Will be present more than 50 startups and knowledge based companies from Iran and Turkey.

Causes of Event THL Istanbul

The growing increasing technological changes in health, the emergence of new products in the field of technology and health, their variety and lack of familiarity with the consumer Extreme and undesirable competition between manufacturers is one of the reasons why the exhibition is organized

THL Istanbul event benefits

-Show other’s thoughts

– Show new technologies

– View new applied practices

– Attracting health tourists

– Introducing new business markets

–  Introduction of Knowledge Based Companies and Startups

The THL ISTANBUL event Briefly Follow the following goals

Facilitate commercial communication between different sectors of supply, production, distribution and consumption

–  Achieving export development goals and improving business affairs

– Introducing the latest manufactured products and latest brands to the health market

– Introducing the latest advanced technology and new technologies in the supply, production and supply of goods and services

– Creating effective coordination and communication in the production chain to distribution of the product

– Creating a platform   face to face meeting with rivals, testing competitive power and increasing export position

– Awareness of the latest situation activity of specialized sections of goods and health services

– Providing an exchange of experiences and conduct negotiations for joint co-operation between domestic companies and abroad companies

– Create the required base in order to get acquainted active business units with attractive new markets

The THL Istanbul event, as a specialized technology and innovation event in Turkey, has endeavored to provide a complete picture of this scientific and technological potential and provided a special opportunity for foreign countries to define cooperation and partnership

– THL will introduce you new technologies and innovations

– THL is place that you will find an answer and ideas for your problems

– THL will introduce to you, partners and new customers in order to develop the market

– Investors are in talks on THL You can refer to them for developing your business or commercializing your ideas you will be able to meet with inventors and startups and attend various events

– Large tech companies can get government support for joint ventures and partnerships

– Easily use exhibits side accessories in the healthcare area

Final statement

We live in a world full of noise and bustle, nobody cannot easily Listen to someone. There are several ways to overcome these turmoil and hustle and bustle. Some are smarter, some are lousy, some are more effective, and the group is pointless and out of place. But the commitment of the Institute of Creativity and Innovation is to bring the sounds to the ears. The Galaxy Institute Instead of choosing the busiest road is trying to create a path and make his best efforts to make your voice heard in this gloomy and crowded world